05.05.10 - Colmarub S
05.05.10 - Colmarub S 05.05.10 - Colmarub S 05.05.10 - Colmarub S

Colmarub S 05.05.10

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Colmarub S is a hydro-expansive joint composed of natural sodium bentonite and butyl rubber. During concrete shrinkage, gaps and small cracks are formed in the construction joints. These zones constitute water infiltration points in the structures. Placed in a concreting construction joint, it inflates (up to 350% of its initial volume) in contact with infiltration water and seals the joint, making it watertight. Colmarub S has been tested under pressures of up to 4 bar.

In combination with Colmasteel, we have the absolute weapon for watertightness.


- For construction joints in concrete constructions

- For slab and shell joints

- For elevator shafts

- Closing of cable and pipe passages

  • Easy to install
  • Can be handled and installed even in bad weather conditions
  • Remains elastic and flexible throughout the building's lifetime
  • High inflating capacity
  • Maintains its position and shape even when inflated
  • Non-polluting and can be used with city water
LEVIAT technical advice


Ensure proper contact at all times between the Colmarub S and concrete, as well as between the Colmasteel and Colmarub S.<br/>Unwind the Colmarub between the waiting reinforcements at min. 7 cm from the edge.<br/>Place the Colmasteel galvanised meshing gutter above the Colmarub. The Colmasteel prevents the Colmarub from lifting or tearing.<br/>Nail the assembly every 30 to 40 cm.


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