02.03.04 - Solea-Fix
02.03.04 - Solea-Fix 02.03.04 - Solea-Fix 02.03.04 - Solea-Fix

Solea-Fix 02.03.04

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Threshold support system


Solea-Fix allows the easy fitting of your stone thresholds when the facing does not allow loads to be taken up.


Leveraging our long experience in the field, we have standardised our support range to ensure you will be served in the best possible times. In addition to the dead weight of the stone or concrete element, these brackets are calculated by considering a man's weight at the tip.

  • Thanks to the slot, adjustment is child's play
  • Standard models are readily available, but our engineering office is available to calculate other specific cases
  • Calculation note available on request
  • Solea-Fix are supplied with built-in thermal break (Thermi-K)
LEVIAT technical advice


The following assumptions were taken into account when calculating the dimensions of the threshold supports:

  • 2 brackets for a 150 cm threshold
  • 1 end piece on the tip of the threshold, protruding from the plaster by 5 cm.
  • In case of an additional burden, e.g. the weight of the frame, please notify our technical service.
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