Hof van Saeys in Dendermonde

In the centre of the city of 't Ros Beiaard, where the former Abbey school stood, an oasis of peace and greenery is being created called Hof van Saeys. This new construction project in the heart of Dendermonde will provide an extensive mix of different residential typologies and focus on ecological and energy efficient living.  The first stone of the project was laid on 17 September and the planned completion date is foreseen in 2023.

Hof van Saeys in Dendermonde

The main solutions used for this project are the following:


The Korbo profile is designed to withstand façade masonry beside openings or overhangs, and to create a possibility of expansion wherever necessary. 


  • Simple and easy installation
  • Continuous height and depth adjustment
  • Calculated per project and custom-made: applicable in all situations
  • Technical support from our sales team and our engineering office
  • Calculation note and installation plan included
  • Thermal values χ available for PEB calculation
  • The Korbo masonry supports meet the Eurocodes requirements and have been tested in authorised independent laboratories


Link korbo: Korbo - Product Catalogue - PLAKA Solutions (plaka-solutions.com)



Threshold support system. Solea-Fix allows the easy fitting of your stone thresholds when the facing does not allow loads to be taken up.


  • Thanks to the slot, adjustment is child's play
  • Standard models are readily available, but our engineering office is available to calculate other specific cases
  • Calculation note available on request
  • Solea-Fix are supplied with built-in thermal break (Thermi-K)

Link Solea-fix: Solea-Fix - Product Catalogue - PLAKA Solutions (plaka-solutions.com)



The "couplerbox" assembly system is designed to implement mechanical links between reinforcements in concrete constructions. The Couplerbox joining device combines safety and technical performance thanks to its special rolled cylindrical threads. The sleeved assembly resists static and dynamic solicitations particularly well.

Link coupler: Couplerbox - Product Catalogue - PLAKA Solutions (plaka-solutions.com)



Tetraform 3045 is a high quality, watertight construction joint based on Tetraform 3001 or 3002 strips welded on either side of a watertightness sheet. Different widths (200 to 400 mm) and thicknesses (1.5 - 2 mm) of watertight sheets are available.



STABOX standby boxes are used in concrete structures when continuous reinforcements are required, and for reasons of use, these reinforcements cannot be implemented in a single stage. The box can simply be placed on the formwork. After concreting, the cover can be removed easily and the bars contained in the unfolded boxes.



  • Box profile optimised to take up maximum load
  • Triple dovetail principle allowing for tightening during its shrinkage
  • Steel box for optimum concrete bonding
  • Easy stripping with the polypropylene cover


Link Stabox: Rebend connector Stabox - Product Catalogue - PLAKA Solutions (plaka-solutions.com)


(copie 4)


Le Plakasafe est une goulotte de protection qui se place très facilement sur l’extrémité des armatures en attente. Il attire l’attention sur la présence du danger que représentent les attentes et permet de protéger les personnes de blessures lors de contacts ou de chutes. Il se pose sur les attentes verticales ou horizontales.

Lien: Plakasafe - Catalogue produit - PLAKA Solutions (plaka-solutions.com)

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