Business Park at Strombeek-Bever

With the Atomium in the background, we are realising future-oriented office buildings together with our customer Cordeel. An iconic new construction project with a focus on sustainability. For this project, they called upon our technical expertise and broad portfolio of solutions. To meet the specific demands of the customer, Halfen and Plaka solutions were chosen.

Business Park at Strombeek-Bever

FPA façade panel anchors and galvanised BRA parapet anchors were used to suspend the concrete elements.  The BRA parapet anchors are now also available in a galvanised version by working with a stagger at the back instead of the traditional solution.

FPA façade panel anchors allow a concrete façade panel to be anchored quickly and easily to a concrete support structure. The building authority approved façade panel anchors consist of a cast-in component which is cast into the façade panel and an installation component with a perforated strap, threaded rod and top bracket/cast-in structural connection for anchoring to the support structure.

BRA parapet anchors are used to attach precast concrete parapet or roof edge elements to concrete floors, balconies or beams. They are cast into precast concrete parapet elements and transported to the building site.

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The columns were realised with Plakatube, a lost formwork for round columns - extremely light and therefore quick to install. Other advantages: resistant to moisture, precise positioning, multiple columns can be poured at the same time, easy stripping and delivered custom-made on site.

More about Plakatube: Plakatube - lost formwork for column - Product Catalogue - PLAKA Solutions (

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