05.12.08 - Tetraform 3070 & 3077
05.12.08 - Tetraform 3070 & 3077

Tetraform 3070 & 3077 05.12.08

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When a traditional watertightness sheet is placed on the upper reinforcements of the slab, it is often embedded into the 1st stage concrete only by a few centimetres (coating value), which is not sufficient to offer perfect watertightness.

Thanks to the Tetraform 3070 or 3077 heel, a first stage concrete riser is created to coat the sheet by 10 cm minimum in both concreting stages.

The Tetraform 3070 or 3077 heel is a high quality construction joint which is to be placed at the base of the concrete shell. The 3070 or 3077 heel is placed between the standby reinforcements of the shell and is fitted on the horizontal reinforcements of the slab.

During slab concreting, the heel created by the two vertical Tetraform 3001 strips will also be concreted.

The Tetraform 3077 elements are nestable and the sheets are intended to overlap.

  • Construction joint with watertightness sheet or continuous PVC membrane
  • Available in different widths
  • Fitted easily on the upper reinforcement of the raft foundation
  • Overlapping planned at the end points
  • Different sheet dimensions available
  • L, T or X junction elements available

LEVIAT technical advice


At the location of the sheet overlaps, it is strongly advised to implement proper watertightness between them to prevent any risk of capillarity effect.
Two solutions are available - either the sheets are jointed, in which case the sheets must be welded or glued together; or the sheets can be separated by 5 cm minimum to ensure the concrete is able to fill the space between the 2 sheets, and therefore extend the water passage.
The angles can be treated by cutting straight elements and folding them. Tetraform 3001 strips must be added to cover the outer side of the heel.


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