05.12.06 - Tetraform 3045C
05.12.06 - Tetraform 3045C 05.12.06 - Tetraform 3045C

Tetraform 3045C 05.12.06

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Tetraform 3045C is a high quality, watertight construction joint based on Tetraform 3001 or 3002 strips welded on either side of a Cemflex watertightness sheet.

The Tetraform is placed between the reinforcements at the location of the construction joint.

The Tetraform 3045C elements are nestable and the sheets are intended to overlap.

  • Cemflex technology
  • Made to measure
  • Improves the resistance of adherence of the construction joint
  • It is mainly used in slabs or shells
  • Fitting is performed between the reinforcement beds
  • Tetraform is not an obstacle for continuous reinforcements
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The Cemflex watertightness sheet is an active sheet which, embedded in the concrete, will react in case of water infiltration to fill the crack.


Project carried out with this product:
ADIM et Sogea Caroni

Open’R à Villeneuve d’Ascq

ADIM Nord-Picardie and Sogea Caroni, both subsidiaries of VINCI Construction France, have started the Open'R project in…

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