05.12.04 - Tetraform 3045
05.12.04 - Tetraform 3045 05.12.04 - Tetraform 3045

Tetraform 3045 05.12.04

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Tetraform 3045 is a high quality, watertight construction joint based on Tetraform 3001 or 3002 strips welded on either side of a watertightness sheet. Different widths (200 to 400 mm) and thicknesses (1.5 - 2 mm) of watertight sheets are available.

The Tetraform is placed between the reinforcements at the location of the construction joint.

The Tetraform 3045 elements are nestable and the sheets are intended to overlap.

  • Construction joint with watertightness sheet
  • Made to measure
  • Easy fitting thanks to its shape
  • Improves the resistance of adherence of the construction joint
  • It is mainly used in slabs
  • Fitting is performed between the reinforcement beds
  • Tetraform is not an obstacle for continuous reinforcementsv
LEVIAT technical advice


At the location of the sheet overlaps, it is strongly advised to implement proper watertightness between them to prevent any risk of capillarity effect. <br/>Two solutions are available - either the sheets must be welded to each other, or sealing putty of the Swellseal Mastic type must be applied between the sheets.


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