01.02.04 - MBT Coupler
01.02.04 - MBT Coupler 01.02.04 - MBT Coupler 01.02.04 - MBT Coupler

MBT Coupler 01.02.04

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The MBT joining sleeve is a mechanical link between two reinforcement bars with a diameter of between 12 and 40 mm. Assembly is recommended particularly where continuous reinforcements are required but which, for technical reasons, can be performed one time only. For example, in the case of concreted bars to be laid flat or when assembling prefabricated reinforcement cages.

  • No overlap, therefore saves on reinforcements and space
  • The ends of the reinforcement bars do not require any machining
  • The bars must not turn to enter the sleeve
  • Possibility of joining bars already cast in place
  • MBT sleeves can be used to link smooth reinforcements as well as high adherence reinforcements
  • Possibility of joining bars of different diameters (e.g. 20-25, 25-32, etc.)
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Once the sleeves have been placed properly, the equivalent of a continuous bar is obtained. The breakage load exceeds by 15% the elastic limit of a B500B class steel.


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BNP Paribas Fortis Bank

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