02.04.00 - Murfor® +
02.04.00 - Murfor® + 02.04.00 - Murfor® + 02.04.00 - Murfor® +

Murfor® + 02.04.00

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Murfor®+ is a prefabricated reinforcement laid in the horizontal masonry joints in order to reinforce its resistance. It is a meshing made of two parallel wires connected by a continuous sinusoidal wire welded in the same plane.


For Murfor®+ and Murfor® Spacer, the diagonal wires are fitted with spacers for perfect positioning in the middle of the mortar layer. The reinforcement can then be fitted directly in the blocks and a single layer of mortar is enough. The spacers ensure that mortar is cast under the longitudinal wires. The Murfor®+ longitudinal galva or stainless steel wires are serrated to ensure ever improved mortar bonding.


Murfor® is available in galvanised steel (Z), galvanised steel with an epoxy coating (E) and stainless steel (S).

  • Checks and limits cracks in the masonry
  • Permanent absorption of traction tensions
  • Resistance to wind loads
  • Ensures masonry with minimum or no expansion joints
  • Reduction of damage caused by earthquakes
  • CE, compliant with EN 845-3
LEVIAT technical advice


•Murfor®+ and Murfor® Spacer are suited to the application in traditional joints of a thickness of 10 to 15 mm. For reinforcing glued masonry, we recommend Murfor® Compact.
•The type of steel wire is chosen according to the exposure class (NBN EN 1996-2 and NBN EN 845-3).
•During fitting, place the element in the wall's alignment, with a minimum distance of 15 mm between the longitudinal wires of all Murfor® types and the edge of the joint.


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