Grand Nancy Thermal

Nancy Thermal, the future aqua-ludic, wellness, fitness, and health complex, located in the heart of the city, was supported by several Leviat solutions.

Grand Nancy Thermal

Solutions used in this project:

  • Waterproofing solutions

Leviat has several waterproofing solutions, which is exactly what our client needed for this project.

A particular feature of this project was the need to work with partners to supply welded curved waterproofing to fit into their circular formwork.


  • Speedies

The "ultra fast" spacer for welded mesh

Speedies are very light and strong spacers, which are very easy to install under the lower meshing of floor slabs.

The spacer is dimensioned to ensure it does not pass through the meshing. Due to its strength, it can take up loads of up to 400 kg/unit. It is made out of durable material.

Benefits :

  • Large format, does not fall between the meshing
  • Takes up loads up to 400 kg/1
  • Large span, does not penetrate the ground
  • Fitting 10 times faster than with traditional concrete spacers
  • Height 30, 35, 40 and 50 mm
  • On request, Speedies are also available with spikes for exposed concrete.

Link: Puctual rebar spacers - Speedie - Product Catalogue - PLAKA Solutions (


  • Plakatube 

Plakatube is a lost formwork system designed for the construction of round columns.

This lost formwork is very light and is hence easy and simple to install.


  • Resists humidity
  • Light, therefore very easy to handle
  • Fast and precise placement
  • Simultaneous concreting of many columns possible
  • Very easy stripping
  • No investment in traditional formwork
  • Delivered to the worksite made to measure
  • Easy length adaptation on the worksite if necessary
  • No stripping fluid needed
  • After stripping, Plakatube can be used as protection until the end of the project
  • Available in diameters from 15 to 120 cm

Lien: Plakatube - lost formwork for column - Product Catalogue - PLAKA Solutions (


  • Armature anti-poinçonnement HDB

Shear reinforcement HDB allows the construction of thinner floor slabs. It is composed of a series of forged studs to reinforce the most critical zone of the slab. The studs are made of bars in B500B grade serrated steel with nail shaped forged ends. They are welded on a steel cleat.

DB stud cleats are located in the slab according to a radius implantation pattern around the column.

Benefits :

  • Slightly reduces the thickness of the slabs and/or increases the span between columns
  • Eliminates beam drops, which increases the floor height or allows for lower construction
  • Strongly reduces the cost price of floors in underground parking lots
  • Nodes at column head are easier to make
  • No additional costs for the special formwork for column capital or slab overthickness
  • Total passage of pipes without obstacle under the floor slab
  • Supports higher loads than traditional reinforcements
  • la pose de l’armature du haut
  • Réduction du temps de construction

Lien: Shear reinforcement HDB - Product Catalogue - PLAKA Solutions (


  • Colmarub

Colmarub S is a hydro-expansive joint composed of natural sodium bentonite and butyl rubber. During concrete shrinkage, gaps and small cracks are formed in the construction joints. These zones constitute water infiltration points in the structures. Placed in a concreting construction joint, it inflates (up to 350% of its initial volume) in contact with infiltration water and seals the joint, making it watertight. Colmarub S has been tested under pressures of up to 4 bar.

In combination with Colmasteel, we have the absolute weapon for watertightness.


  • Easy to install
  • Can be handled and installed even in bad weather conditions
  • Remains elastic and flexible throughout the building's lifetime
  • High inflating capacity
  • Maintains its position and shape even when inflated
  • Non-polluting and can be used with city water


Lien : Colmarub S - Product Catalogue - PLAKA Solutions (


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