09.03.00 - Dilatec road type
09.03.00 - Dilatec road type 09.03.00 - Dilatec road type 09.03.00 - Dilatec road type

Dilatec road type 09.03.00

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Dilatec Route is a stud holder device to be used in construction and expansion joints in slabs, and is mainly found in concrete roads, bicycle paths, unloading platforms, etc. Dilatec Route avoids risks of differential compaction of the slabs while allowing for expansion movements whenever necessary. It is mainly used where the longitudinal dimension considerably exceeds the transversal dimension. Dilatec Route is a pre-fitted element facilitating fitting on the worksite, and strongly reducing the execution time of tasks.

In the standard version, the studs are made of smooth steel, with a diameter of 25 mm and a length of 600 mm. They are protected by a thick epoxy coating resistant to salt mist, unlike the asphalt-based coatings which are typically used. Other diameters and lengths may be produced on request.

Durability tests as per Standard EN ISO 9227 (Section 3.2.2) were successfully carried out on the studs with epoxy coating. These are salt mist induced corrosion resistance tests.

  • Limited storage volume with the cradle system (studs supplied separately)
  • The cradles are light and easy to handle
  • Studs tested as per Standard EN ISO 9227 (Section 3.2.2)
  • Once fitted, the studs are held firmly in the cradles
  • Expansion joints can be produced (see section below)
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Isolated studs can be used in existing concrete, for example during repair works. They are then anchored in place half-way in the concrete, and the other half is embedded in fresh second phase concrete, with or without an expansion sheath.


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