07.01.01 - Unreinforced bearing SBR
07.01.01 - Unreinforced bearing SBR 07.01.01 - Unreinforced bearing SBR

Unreinforced bearing SBR 07.01.01

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Elastomer bearings are the simplest, and therefore the most economical, bearings. Most often, elastomer bearings apply to rather low loads.

The bearings are used in all kinds of construction projects to allow the movement of structural elements and ensure the controlled transmission of loads to the load bearing structure.

All loads applied to a construction element must be transmitted to the load-bearing structure through bearings. The loads can be either vertical or horizontal forces or moments.

The bearing surface is proportional to the load to take up. For higher loads, the elastomer bearing soon becomes too high and bearings with steel plate ferrules are used instead.

  • Economical
  • Available as reels or plates (can be delivered made to measure)
  • Distributes loads evenly on the structure
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Roller bearings are mainly used for fitting prefabricated elements such as concrete blocks and pre-slabs. For heavier loads, and concrete or steel pre-fabricated beams, use sintered bearings.


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