07.05.01 - Slide bearing
07.05.01 - Slide bearing

Slide bearing 07.05.01

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A slipping bearing allows for free expansion and reduces the horizontal reaction load.

Base model composition

Two polyethylene slipping sheets (2G) with a lubricant film. Surface irregularities and roughness are absorbed by a coating of one or two layers of polystyrene (1P/2P) or elastomer (1N/2N).

High pressure type composition

Two sheets in lubricated acetal (2A). These plates can be protected by one or two layers of elastomer (1N/2N). To reduce the slipping coefficient, an additional layer of teflon (T) can be added.

  • Limits constraints in the building structure
  • Easy to fit (1 m elements)
  • Broad variety of compositions available
LEVIAT technical advice


You will find in our general catalogue, as well as in the technical sheet on the opposite page, a table listing examples of application and composition of bearing strips.


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