Thermal break Isotec 01.03.01

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The Isotec thermal break is a reinforcement system with the main function of eliminating thermal bridges caused by structure elements overhanging reinforced concrete structures (balconies, cornices, canopies, etc.).

The Isotec break forms a load-bearing connecting element between concrete construction elements. The heart of the Isotec elements is made of an insulation board in PIR or mineral wool. The insulation board is crossed by stainless steel bars. This reinforcement is cast in the concrete on either side of the insulator, and therefore connects the two construction elements

The Isotec thermal break must always be planned at the beginning of a project to ensure the insulator remains continuous beside the corbels.

  • Continuous stainless steel bars: 100% reliable in stainless steel over the entire length
  • When the balconies are stored vertically or stacked, there is no risk of rust stains on the architectonic elements
  • Using rock wool insulation ensures very high resistance to fire
  • Isotec transmits the loads from overhanging elements such as balconies, cornices, acroterions, etc.
  • Isotec was designed to withstand shearing and/or flexion loads
  • Therefore any traditional project can be performed with an Isotec element
  • Reinforced with stainless steel mounting plates ensuring high robustness during transport and fitting on the worksite
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Isotec is an element which is stable and rugged due to its composition. Therefore, it is highly resistant and withstands transport and worksite handling conditions very well. Composed of mineral wool, it offers fire resistance exceeding 90 minutes. The compression studs offer additional safety in terms of anchoring in the two concrete elements.


Project carried out with this product:
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