Profilarc V2 01.01.08

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Profilarc V2 standby boxes are used in concrete structures when continuous reinforcements are required, and for reasons of use, these reinforcements cannot be implemented in a single stage. The box can simply be placed on the formwork. After concreting, the cover can be removed easily and the bars contained in the unfolded boxes. (for 6/8/10/12 mm bars)

Profilarc V2 standby boxes are delivered made to measure to the worksite and can hence be used directly. The Profilarc V2 is made of steel bars, unfoldable once, contained in a rigid steel box closed by a cover in composite material and two polystyrene removable plugs. Its exclusive dovetail profile secures anchoring in first stage concrete. The set allows fast and effective linking between the elements.

The Profilarc V2 withstands heavy loads thanks to its well-studied profile. Tests have been carried out for boxes without callipers in C25/30 class concrete. The breakage observed is still visible in the concrete; no loosening of the box.

The results can never be used to reduce the steel cross-section, but they enable the oversizing of the steel reinforcement on the worksite to be avoided, to compensate for uncertainties.

For more information, download the following documents.

  • Box profile optimised to take up maximum load
  • Triple dovetail principle allowing for tightening during its shrinkage
  • Steel box for optimum concrete bonding
  • Easy stripping with the polypropylene cover
LEVIAT technical advice


Using the Profilarc V2 box saves implementation time through easier formwork stripping.
As a producer, we can meet all your specific requests.
The use of the unfolding tool is strongly recommended to prevent a bayonet effect.


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