12.03.03 - PLAKA dBREAK Isotrap 800
12.03.03 - PLAKA dBREAK Isotrap 800

PLAKA dBREAK Isotrap 800 12.03.03

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Isotrap acoustic bearings are designed to be fitted under stairways, which are either prefabricated or cast on-site, to block the transmission of impact noise from steps in the stairways towards adjacent rooms.

Isotrap bearings are made of a central rubber core transmitting vertical loads with a strip of PE foam on either side. Rubber studs can also take up any horizontal loads.

  • Reduces impact noise in stairways
  • Isotrap is easy to cut and bend to adapt it to the situation on the worksite
  • Standard element, adapting to 95% of cases
  • Excellent acoustic performance
LEVIAT technical advice


In case of a horizontal load, ensure a Titan acoustic stud is placed to prevent sliding while ensuring acoustic performance (more information in the Accessories section).


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